Hybrid Events

7th October 2020

By John Edney & June Tan

Following on from my post about last Friday about live streaming (click here to read) I feel it was important to talk about a concept I have been toying with in recent times and that is of the concept of hybrid or satellite events.


If we go back to the live streaming blog post for just a moment, in the case of Sally and James their virtual guests had Zoom parties and most, if not all got dressed up for the occasion as if they were attending in person.






This set a vibe and in some ways gave the feeling that everyone attending virtually was right there and in many ways had a more profound impact upon the success of the ceremony then it may have in a real life setting.


Where am I going with this you may ask? Well in another aspect of my life I am the secretary of a 106 year old athletic club, the Ivanhoe Harriers.


For the past three years we have run very socially and financially successful trivia nights, this year however things are going to be a little different.


This years event is going to take place online utilising some technology and a newfound skillset that I have cultivated over the past six months.


What we have established is that by November 14th when the event is set to take place it is very likely that here in Melbourne that people will be able to have up to five guests at their premises.






This possibility brings on the terms 'hybrid' and 'satellite'. Whilst it is unfortunate that we can't have our usual 100+ attendees in the same room we are able to create the next best thing, an online event with satellite locations that still allow the fundamental elements of the event to occur:


  1. Trivia

  2. Fundraising

  3. Social interaction


It is unlikely that we will raise as much money as we have in previous years however what this format will allow will be some of the highest level of social interaction many people will have had in an eight month period as well as club members, family and friends who live interstate or overseas to take part.


Now, lets look at this from a wedding and events industry perspective.


The reality of the foreseeable future is that interstate travel is some way away and international travel is even further off.


So lets have a look at your guest list:


You will always have a non-negotiable core group lets say for examples sake that that is around 50 people who live in the same city as you. Great! The way things are tracking in Victoria you will be able to have that many people in the same room by late November.


Lets also assume that given the past six or so months it is likely (or at least hopeful) that people will understand the strict cuts to numbers and will be more understanding of the fact that they didn't make the cut.


That being said, you will be able to have your 50 nearest and dearest there, in the room with you celebrating and then you can have a number of these satellite events where scattered throughout the country and the rest of the world you may have groups of 2, 5, 10, 15, 20+, or even individuals gathered together to celebrate with you from a distance.


The logistics of this are simple, you inform them of your desire to conduct your wedding in this way, tell that them that (at for example 4pm local time) they will be able to watch live via the link that we give you to provide to them.


If you're feeling generous and your budget allows you may even wish to shout the food and drink at these satellite events. Who knows, this may even see an increase in Amazon packages that get delivered to your house!


Additionally, My Marriage co-founder and photographer, June Tan has been extraordinarily busy over the past six months creating a virtual photo booth which you can check out at  OH MY BOOTH - Virtual Booth, this brings another really personal element into the equation for you and allows all of your in-person as well as virtual guests to use their own devices to have a fully custom photo booth experience that will remind them of your special day.


The Virtual Booth can also have a virtual guest book component which you can later print and look back on as if everyone was in the same room.


Did you have a read of all this and think 'I really like the concept but I have some other ideas to work in with all this'? If so, awesome! Lets talk and find a way to make this happen.

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