Guerrilla Weddings

30th September 2020

By June Tan

Weddings are back!


A very small sigh of relief rang out across Melbourne as we all tuned in and heard that weddings are allowed again...yee ha! 


The word from the government is: 

  1. 5 people plus the celebrant, so that’s a total of six humans

  2. Needs to happen in a public space. You can get really creative with this one, think of that secret spot at your favourite park or beach, on the steps of the State’s all on the cards. 

  3. You and your guest can travel outside of the 5 km radius but within metropolitan to us about how to arrange this. 


Now that we know what the rules around weddings for the next few months are, our brains started thinking of what weddings would be like under these circumstances and with the help of google we came across a trend that’s happening around the world call “Guerilla Weddings”. 


What is a Guerrilla Wedding? Glad you asked…

A guerrilla wedding is when a couple chooses a public location to hold their wedding ceremony. There is no band or open bar. All that’s needed is the couple, two witnesses, someone who is legally recognized to perform weddings and a photographer or videographer to document this for your tribe. 


Here’s a little clip from The Vow to give you an idea of the excitement, spontaneity and romance of having a Guerrilla Wedding.


















To help you plan your guerrilla wedding, here are some location ideas around Melbourne: 


  • Fitzroy Gardens, 

  • Beaches along Melbourne foreshore  

  • Yarra Park with the MCG as the backdrop 

  • Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen

  • Canterbury Gardens, Canterbury

  • Edinburg Gardens, Fitzroy

  • The secret garden, Sky High Mount Dandenong


Your options are really endless and this style of weddings allows you and your ‘to wed’ to be right in the moment with each other and it would also create a bloody good story to share with the family years down the track.